Regulations concerning booking stays in Nautilus Guesthouse

 In order to make room renting a pleasant and unforgettable memory of your stay, we would appreciate it if our guests would please read the regulations.

I. General resolutions

  1. Regulations determine the conditions related to booking and renting rooms indicated at
  2. Making a reservation signifies unequivocal acknowledgement and acceptance of the statements included in the Regulations.
  3. Making a reservation simultaneously signifies concluding an agreement on renting an accommodation facility between Nautilus Guesthouse and the Customer following the conditions stated in the regulations and the pricelist.

II. Reservation and payment

  1. Reservations can be made by phone or e-mail. Reservations require making an advance payment amounting to 30% of the reservation value.
  2. The advance payment should be paid within 7 days from the date of making the reservation. No payment within the above-mentioned period will signify withdrawal from the renting agreement.
  3. After making the reservation and making the advance payment the Customer shall obtain an e-mail or SMS with confirmation.
  4. The Customer is obliged to cover the remaining part of the payment to the person responsible for handing the keys on the check-in date or on the following day.
  5. Reservation that has already begun cannot be shortened. When the Customer initiates his stay, he is obliged to pay for the whole reservation.
  6. In each case payment of the whole price for the stay and acceptance of the Renting Party bank account must occur before submitting the rented room to the Customer’s disposal.
  7. In the case of resigning from renting, the paid advance payment shall not be reimbursed.
  8. Payment for additional services, not included in the reservations, shall be made when ordering additional services or at the end of the stay. Payment should be made in cash.
  9. The Customer covers the whole cost of bank transfers.

III. Changes concerning the reservation

  1. The Customer has the right to change the date of reservation, to prolong the reservation or change the number of persons, on condition that such changes shall be executed at least 7 days before the original date of the reservation. The Customer shall inform the Nautilus Guesthouse about the scope of changes, which he would like to implement. Nautilus Guesthouse reserves the right to refuse the implementation of changes concerning the conditions of agreement, if it proves impossible due to objective reasons. In the case of withdrawal from the contract due to the lack of possibility to implement changes concerning renting contract regulations, the Customer shall not be entitled to reimbursement of the prepayment.
  2. The Customer may shift all rights resulting from the reservation to another person, only if the person shall simultaneously accept all obligations related to the reservation. In such a case it is essential to immediately inform the Renting party about the change concerning the renting Customer, by stating the personal data of the person who shall take over the rights and obligations resulting from the agreement.

IV. Responsibility

  1. In the case of circumstances, which could not have been anticipated and the results of which cannot be immediately removed with conventional agents, Nautilus Guesthouse reserves the right to offer the Customer a substitute facility similar to the originally booked facility. Nautilus Guesthouse has the right to withdraw from the agreement in the case of any phenomena related with force majeure. This also concerns cases when personal safety of the Customer or his assets, due to circumstances beyond Nautilus Guesthouse’s responsibility, cannot be guaranteed. Payments made by the Customer shall be immediately reimbursed, after deduction of due amounts for already provided services.
  2. If, due to reasons irrespective of the Local Renting party, the arrival shall prove to be impossible, or the stay will be prolonged or shortened (communication problems, strikes, personal causes), the Customer shall be obliged to pay.

V. Conditions and scope related to renting rooms and suites

  1. The agreement concluded between Nautilus Guesthouse and the Customer covers solely renting of accommodation places. Access, catering and organisation of the stay lie within the sole responsibility of the Customer. The price of renting the room includes prices for utilities (gas, electricity, water), as well as climatic fee and final cleaning. The owner shall not charge any additional payments apart from the ones indicated on the Internet site of the given facility.
  2. Minimal renting period lasts 7 days. The above does not concern: long weekends, and the period preceding the season.
  3. We issue bills and VAT invoices at the customer’s request.

VI. Obligations of the customer and accommodation

  1. Guests can check-in after 3:00pm on the day of arrival and they should vacate the room before 11:00am on the day of departure, unless it has been settled otherwise with the person responsible for issuing keys. In the case of any circumstances making it impossible for the Customer to reach the guesthouse at the declared hour, the Customer is obliged to immediately call the person responsible for issuing keys.
  2. When collecting the key to the Premises, the Customer needs to show his ID card.
  3. The number of persons, who will be living in the facility, is limited to the number stated on the registration form. The Customer is obliged to inform Nautilus Guesthouse by phone or electronically about any changes concerning this number of guests. In the case of exceeding this number, the owner has the right to collect charge for each additional person or breach of the contract with immediate effect, without reimbursement of the paid amount.
  4. The Customer is obliged to immediately inform the person responsible for issuing the keys about possible damages and defects observed within the premises, as well as to report damages that occurred during the Customer’s stay. In the case of causing damages within the facility the Customer shall be obliged to cover indemnification fully covering the value of incurred losses, not later than on the day of departure to the owner or the person responsible for issuing the keys. The owner of the damaged assets shall decide about the manner of indemnification.
  5. It is forbidden to move furniture in the rooms without the approval of the owner.
  6. In the case of losing the keys to the room, the guest shall be obliged to pay a fee in the amount of PLN 300.
  7. Both the rooms and the area of the facility is a non-smoking area (in the case of an accident the smoker shall pay a fine of up to PLN 500).
  8. Customers are obliged to ensure that the facility is in the condition reported on the day of arrival, as well as to observe good neighbourhood principles, and especially respect curfew between 11:00pm and 7:00am. It is not allowed to organise any events in rooms (breaking this regulation carries a penalty of PLN 1,000).
  9. The Customer is obliged to pay special attention to proper operation of water and gas valves, as well as electric appliances. Due to the fire protection, the Customer may not use any devices supplied with electric energy, which do not constitute the equipment of the Premises, apart from: computers, razors and hair dryers.
  10. Each time the Guest leaves the facility, the Guest is obliged to close all windows and close all locks in the room to which the Guest has obtained keys.
  11. Do not leave any valuable items on the premises – the owner does not bear any responsibility for their loss or damage.
  12. The Customer may use the Premises only to dwell within it and he cannot sub-lease the room without the consent of the leaser.
  13. Regulatory principles related to using the given Premises can be described in greater details within the regulatory principles in force within the given Premises.

VII. Price change

  1. Nautilus Guesthouse reserves the right to change prices during particular periods.

VIII. Child’s stay

  1. Children between 0 and 2 years old (one child per two adults), sleeping with adults or in tourist beds stays within the guesthouse free of charge. Older children pay the normal fee. Nautilus Guesthouse does not allow animals into rooms rented within the facility.

IX. Applicable law

  1. Polish law shall apply in the case of disputes between the Customer and the owner. Disputes shall be adjudged by the court having jurisdiction over the seat of Nautilus Company.


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