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Karwia is a picturesque old fishing settlement, which took up the character of a holiday resort. Although the locality is quite small it has quite significant, almost 3km long, sea access.

Wide and white beaches by the clean Baltic Sea, as well as the picturesque pinewoods adjoining the sand attract tourists. When strolling along the wood, it is worth taking a closer look at the trees that face strong winds, blowing during storms and giving them unique shapes and character.

These surroundings constitute a perfect environment, where well-being can improve greatly. The beauty of this beach also lies in its clean and strengthening air, which perfectly cleans the lungs, not to mention the specific microclimate filled with regenerating energy. Specific natural conditions and air with high iodine content support treatment of the upper respiratory tract, asthma and allergy, as well as therapy for people with cardiological diseases.

The incredible harmony between water, earth, wood and air created by nature helps forget about problems and sooth one’s nerves.

Maybe this short description will convince you that Karwia, together with its incredible beach, beautiful wood and the untouched land, is a fantastic place for all those, who love to spend their time in an active manner, but who also desire to peacefully relax surrounded by nature.


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